RB photoRobin Bronen lives in Alaska and works as a human rights attorney and senior research scientist on the climate-forced relocations of Alaska Native communities. She is a senior research scientist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and is also the cofounder and executive director of the Alaska Institute for Justice. She is currently working with 15 Alaska Native communities and state and federal government agencies to create a community-led relocation process that fosters community resilience. She has worked with the White House Council on Environmental Quality to implement President Obama’s Climate Change Task Force recommendation to address climate displacement. Internationally, she works as an expert on climate-forced planned relocations with the UNFCCC Warsaw Mechanism on Loss and Damage Task Force on Displacement and is a member of the advisory group for the Platform on Disaster Displacement, a national government-led, consultative process intended to build consensus on the development of a protection agenda addressing the needs of people displaced in the context of natural hazards, including the effects of climate change. Her research has been featured in the Guardian, CNN, Climate Wire and Nature magazine. She has written numerous articles published by Brookings Institution, the Guardian, New York University Law Review and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, among others. She regularly presents her research at conferences focused on climate change adaptation, disaster relief reduction and climate change and population displacement. The Alaska Bar Association awarded her the 2007 Robert Hickerson Public Service award and the 2012 International Human Rights award. The Federal Bureau of Investigation awarded the Alaska Institute for Justice the 2012 FBI Director’s Community Service award for its work with human trafficking survivors and the International Soroptomist’s awarded her the 2012 Advancing the Rights of Women award.
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