NBCC Woodstock will be the site of the 2nd Richard Olmstead Sustainable Living Expo (ROSLE) on Saturday, October 13, 2012, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.The Expo will feature speakers, workshops, displays and booths to showcase goods and services that relate to living locally in a sustainable lifestyle. (See Attached)

The Expo is an opportunity for those who produce or provide goods and services that make the Woodstock Region more self-reliant and energy efficient to share their resources, knowledge, and expertise with the wider community. Exhibitors include individuals, businesses, and organizations that provide goods and services, including arts, recreational, and educational services, in the greater Woodstock region.

From crafts people to passive solar homebuilding, from local food to energy efficiency experts, from healthy eating to products for sustainable living, the Expo showcases the many ways businesses and community organizations are working to build a stronger, more resilient region.

Dr.Wayne Groszko (Ph.D.in Chemical Oceanography, Dalhousie University) is the Key note speaker. His topic is"Solar Energy: AWorldTour – Learn about exciting new developments in solar energy around the world, with connections to how you can use solarenergy here at home in New Brunswick."

Speakers and work shops include:

10:00 am  Dr. Donald Wood - Geothermalenergy

11:00 am  Peter Steeves - Heatpumpsoptions

12:00 pm  SimplyforLife-..Cookingdemonstration

1:00 pm    Dr.Wayne Groszko - Keynote address

2:00 pm    Sara Mudg - Efficiency New Brunswick Opportunities

3:00 pm    Garth Hood – Passive solar Houses Web: thoughtfuldwellings.ca

Breakfast with healthy local foods is being provided by Simply for Life for $7

from8:00 to 9:30 am

The local sponsor the Sustainable Energy Group will release its free new booklet at the Expo called ‘From Oil Dependency to Renewable Energy – An Energy Transition Guidebook, Assessment, Planning, and Resources’.

The guide book demonstrates many practical ways how people can reduce their own environmental footprint while living healthier lives, with numerous examples of local

people already doing this.

Richard Olmstead (1954 - 2010), one of the founding members of SEG in 2004, was passionate about educating people to consume less and to be mindful of our impact on the environment. The Expo was Richard's idea, and is in his memory.

Falls Brook Centre – Activities for all ages. Admission to the Expo is only $2, children under 12 free.

(Submitted on behalf of the Sustainable Energy Group)

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