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Nature Moncton Warbler workshop and outing
Saturday 25 May 2019 - 09:00am - Saturday 25 May 2019 

Nature Moncton Workshop and Outing

The Warblers Are Coming

Saturday May 25, 2019

Place: Tankville School, 1665 Elmwood Dr.

Presenter and Guide: Roger Leblanc

Time: Workshop will begin at 9:00 AM; Outing (around Moncton) will begin after 12:00 noon.

** If you want to have a chance to see some early morning warblers, show up in the parking lot of the school at 8:00 AM and Roger will lead the group to some trails behind the school as a pre-workshop warm-up.

Cost for Workshop: $8.00

Reservations: Contact Louise Nichols at

In our region we are blessed to be in one of the best places for diversity of wood warblers. Twenty-three of these singing beauties nest in the province. And since they all leave in winter for warmer climes (and they say they have ”bird brains”!) spring is a time of great rejoicing when they come back to us dressed in their finest colors, singing their little hearts out, and very active with the new breeding season. But there are lots of species and they are small and don’t stay put for long, so learning to identify them is not always easy. However, since they are quite colorful and vocalize a lot, it is possible to become familiar with them -- and the reward is surely one of the best experiences bird watching has to offer. SO if this your year to finally “learn the warblers” Nature Moncton has prepared a workshop/outing especially for you. Our own Roger Leblanc, who has been working at figuring out warblers for decades, will first take a couple of hours indoors to go through the nesting species of NB with a special emphasis on the 18 species or so that can be found around Moncton. After lunch we will head out to previously scouted spots were it should be possible to find most of them and try out the ID knowledge learned in the workshop. We will take full advantage of the wood warbler spring extravaganza! Why not come out and join us? All are welcome, Nature Moncton member or not.

Tankville School
1665 Elmwood Dr.

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