Shale gas development is being discussed by a multitude of folks: neighbours, politicians, youth, health care providers, farmers, and investors. Yet, I find it surprising that there is very limited discussion in the media about the fact that groups and citizens continue to take precious time out of their lives to go directly to the legislature doors to express their concerns. There have been two years of active public outcry by citizens and groups working to ensure that the shale gas conversation is not cut short.

New Brunswick is full of tenacious people who will continue to publicly share their concerns at the NB legislature steps until true dialogue and active citizen-engaged decision-making occurs. Both sides of the shale gas debate deserve the chance to not only discuss concerns, but share their fears and ideas of a vibrant New Brunswick.

Citizens and groups are engaged and invest their time into because they love this place. These people are also a resource that needs to be tapped as a way to help propel NB into the future.

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