When Mary Ann started out with the New Brunswick Environmental Network in 1991, she no doubt had no idea what the organization would look like 24 years later. From a simple network trying to link up environmental organizations in New Brunswick, it has developed into an organization that plays a crucial role in bringing people together around burning issues to strategize and plan for actions. In addition, the NBEN also brings together a great variety of stakeholders, agencies and organizations to address specific gaps that they know they cannot deal with on their own. So today, the NBEN, with 2 full-time staff, 2 part-time staff, and some contractors, manages communications among environmental groups, including 4 active caucuses around shale gas, crown lands, watersheds, and the pipeline, 4 multistakeholder collaboratives (children’s environmental health, sustainability education, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity), that combined have 18 teams or working groups. All that makes up the Environmental Network today in a very unique approach to addressing environmental issues and concerns in the province, all based on networking and communication.

Mary Ann has brought a vision to the Environmental Network that at once is grounded in grassroots, while always looking at everything in a very strategic manner towards building the capacity of our environmental movement. Mary Ann is an activist, a strategic thinker, and a doer... all of us in the environmental community have benefited from her dedication and commitment, and for that we thank her enormously.

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