I recently stopped in Grand Falls to visit the Eastern Canada Soil and Water Conservation Centre (ECSWCC), an NBEN member group since 2013.  Josée Landry, Manager, and Dodick Gasser, Researcher in agronomy and environment, welcomed me and showed me around the centre. The centre is located at NBCC’s Grand Falls site, which is also home to the Biorefinery Technology Scale-Up Centre.  Josée manages both centres as they are quite intertwined.

First off, I visited the beverage lab. This is where the biorefinery centre evaluates different barleys and yeasts for brewing beer. They even do some spirits!

IMG 20170419 101917605
The beverage lab. 

Next we went into the microbiology and analytical lab. Numerous studies are going on there. As an example, they use mushrooms, fungi, bacteria and plants for soil remediation purposes. The ECSWCC also acts as a third party reviser for environmental farm plans (EFP) done by agricultural producers throughout the province. Since 2005, they have evaluated and approved almost 1000 EFPs. The main goal of the research done at the Centre is to work towards good agricultural practices, maintain organic matter in the soils, and soil and water conservation.
IMG 20170419 102836826Biorefinery equipment. 

Since they are located at NBCC, they often work with students from their campus or other campuses throughout the province. The two centres together have 13 employees, five researchers and six technicians. Members of the ECSWCC regularly attend NBEN events, whether it’s to look at climate change or environmental health. Make sure to link up with them at the next event! 

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