In New Brunswick, 50% of the land base is Crown Land, which is held in public trust by the province for the benefit of the public. Member groups of the Crown Lands Network are working to ensure conservation of New Brunswick rivers, wildlife, and forest ecosystems by encouraging approaches to forest management that will conserve the native biodiversity on New Brunswick Crown lands. Through the Crown Lands Network they share information and work together on projects of common interest.

The NBEN brings environmental groups together to work on Crown lands issues through its caucus approach.

Action Alerts

Still Time to Submit Comments - Snowmobile Trail Development up Mount Carleton

Monday, 21 November 2016
by Roberta Clowater, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - New Brunswick Chapter
You can still send in your comments until end of day Nov 21 (Monday) on the environmental assessment report about the proposed snowmobile trail at Mount Carleton Provincial Park. If you're not sure what to say, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - NB Chapter has summarized some of our key messages here:

Please send comments or questions to: or mail to: Lynn White, Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture, P.O. Box 6000, Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1.

EIA Needed to Build Bridges: Mount Carleton Park

Friday, 09 September 2016
by Linda Robertson
Attention All New Brunswickers!

There are two bridges being built in Mount Carleton Park.  One of the bridges ( Moose Brook Bridge) is being built in a major moose yard and through a significant wetland.  The other bridge ( Bathurst Lake Thoroughfare), which once was a footbridge, is being built through a wildlife habitat and stream. 

The Department of Environment have given an exemption to the Department of Tourism to build these two new bridges.  They do have a Watercourse Alteration Permit.

The Friends of Mount Carleton Park believe that a full EIA is required. We want the construction to stop and we want the Department of Environment to conduct a full EIA on this construction project.

We are asking everyone to call Minister Serge Rouselle at 453-2690 or send an email at: to voice their concern and to call for an EIA on the 2 bridges construction sites.

Please see CBC article below regarding this issue.

Steering Committee

Roger Babin - Public for the Protection of the Forests of New Brunswick
Andrew Clark - New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners
Roberta Clowater - Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - New Brunswick Chapter
Lois Corbett - Conservation Council of New Brunswick
Peter Cronin - New Brunswick Salmon Council
Rod Currie - New Brunswick Wildlife Federation
Sabine Dietz - Nature NB
Simon J. Mitchell - Meduxnekeag River Society
Susan Mulherin - Friends of Mount Carleton Provincial Park Inc.
Margo Sheppard -  Nature Trust of New Brunswick
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