"We've made a list and we're checking it twice"

This campaign is to encourage people all across this province to e-mail and/or phone several MLAs and ask them to speak up publicly for Dr. Eilish Cleary to be reinstated.   People and groups are also encouraged to meet with their local MLA and ask them to speak up publicly to reinstate Dr. Cleary.  You can post on Facebook and Twitter (#BringBackCleary) the response from your MLA, whether positive or negative.    

Campaign organizing groups (see sidebar) will be watching for MLAs who speak in public or release press statements that ask to reinstate Dr. Cleary.  The MLA Checklist (download below) will keep track of these MLAs and be regularly updated on this website.

"Oh Cleary tree, oh Cleary tree."
Cleary wreath2

The campaign is calling for people across this province to decorate trees, wreaths, and other visible objects in your house and your community with the message "Bring Dr. Cleary Back for the Holidays". Have fun with it and use your imagination!
  • Use small recipe cards with the message written on it and affixed with a red or green ribbon
  • Tag your favourite natural wonder (e.g. forest, stream, river, wetland, bay) with objects that include the message "Bring Dr. Cleary Back for the Holidays"
  • Use aluminum foil to fashion small stethoscopes for decorations

Then take a picture and post on Facebook and Twitter (#BringBackCleary) which will encourage others to do it in their community or favourite natural wonder. 

Use the "Cleary cards" (download from below and print). 
  • Fill these out with your location, tie them up with a piece of green or red ribbon on a tree, wreath, community location, or favourite habitat and take a picture of it to post on Facebook or Twitter (#BringBackCleary)
  • Fill one out for your favourite animal, fish, bird, or tree that is threatened by our widespread clearcutting and spraying programs.  For example, "Doe Ramey" from "Durham, New Brunswick." 
Have fun with it!

FACEBOOK PAGE:  Reinstate Dr. Eilish Cleary
HASHTAG:  #BringBackCleary

Downloadable MLA check list and Cleary cards


"Between now and the holidays, in the spirit of giving and trust, we are asking our government to bring Dr. Eilish Cleary home for the holidays.  During the election, the government committed to ‘ensuring the independence of the medical officers of health.’ We, the undersigned, are calling on the Government of New Brunswick to reinstate Dr. Eilish Cleary as Chief Medical Officer of Health.”

For a complete list of signatories, click here.

Campaign Organizers

  • Sam Arnold, Sustainable Energy Group, Woodstock
  • Alex Bailey, Fredericton and District Labour Council
  • Angela Giles, Council of Canadians
  • Ann Pohl, Council of Canadians – Kent County Chapter
  • Carol Ring, Council of Canadians Saint John
  • Deborah Carr, Water and Environmental Protection for Albert County
  • Marilyn Lerch, Tantramar Alliance Against Hydrofracking, Sackville
  • Mark D’Arcy, Council of Canadians – Fredericton Chapter
  • Mike McKinley, Our Environment, Our Choice, Kent County
  • Roy Ries, New Brunswick Anti Shale Gas Alliance
  • Stan Donovan, New Brunswickers Against Fracking, Doaktown
  • Susan Linkletter, Organic Crop Improvement Association Atlantic
  • Dr. Paula Tippett

Action Alerts

SSNB (StopSprayingNB) Petition Submission/ Présentation de la pétition SSNB

Thursday, 28 April 2016
by Caroline Lubbe-D'Arcy
SSNB needs your support us as we step forward to let our voices be heard. Join us at the Legislature for the submission of the SSNB petition signatories. Bring your loud voice and all the signs, noisemakers and conviction you can muster.

SSNB petitions will be delivered to the Legislature May 18 at noon with over 10,000 signatures from people across the province. MLA's David Coon and Gilles LePage will accept the petitions. We need anyone who is able to come down and support the petition submission to join us in solidarity.

It is time to act. 
Please spread the word and thank you for your support..


Le groupe nommé Stop Spraying New-Brunswick - Arrêter l'épandage d'herbicides au NB, a besoin de votre soutien pour faire entendre les 10,000 voix de citoyens à travers la province qui ont signé une pétition demandant au gouvernement de cesser cet épandage.

Joignez nous à l'Assemblée législative le 18 mai à midi. La pétition sera présentée aux députés David Coon et Gilles LePage. Apportez votre voix forte, vos affiches et tous les gens que vous pouvez.

Venez montrer votre appui et solidarité lors de la soumission de cette pétition.

Il est temps d'agir.
S'il vous plaît passer le mot et nous vous remercions pour votre soutien https://www.facebook.com/events/1373955082630042/

Stop Spraying in New Brunswick-Sign the petition - DEADLINE EXTENDED

Wednesday, 27 January 2016
by Caroline Lubbe-D'Arcy

Stop Spraying in New Brunswick (SSNB) is a group focused on stopping the spraying of Glyphosate and other herbicides on public land, which includes forest spraying and NB Power spraying in New Brunswick. This includes raising awareness of the harmful effects of Glyphosate on eco-systems and animals in New Brunswick. ( TWITTER: @StopSprayingNB )

Stop Spraying Petition DEADLINE EXTENDED:

Because of the change in the schedule of the Legislative Assembly we have decided to break the petition campaign into THREE BATCHES because we have found that the petition is a great tool for engaging people in the spraying issue so it should continue:

FIRST BATCH (let it be a HUGE one!) deadline: APRIL 10,2016 will be delivered during the third week of April, when the Legislature sits.

SECOND BATCH tentative deadline MAY 7, 2016 (for those who need more time/want to continue collecting) will be delivered during the one week in May when The Legislature will be in session again. (there is NO schedule posted for the Legislative Assembly)

THIRD BATCH: deadline August 31,2016 (The Legislature will not sit again until early Fall)

Petition PDFs are here in English and French.

Filled petitions (please make sure that people give their full name and mailing address including the postal code) can be mailed to:

PO Box 20313 King's Place PO
Fredericton, E3B 0N7

Petitions will be photocopied, tallied and forwarded to MLA David Coon so that he can table them at the Legislature.


SSNB will have a website up soon.

Featured Sessions

Great Minds Think Outside was mentioned in UNB's "The Green Review", thanks to Danielle Smith (Sustainability Coordinator and trainer with Great Minds Think Outside).

Read the article here! (p. 14). 

Ramener la docteure Cleary à la maison pour les vacances